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Membership benefits

Welriet NPC acts as the main sponsor for LS4 and has created the following actions to enable the business to achieve its goals. Members have the following benefits:

  • Operate and man the Joint Operations Center (JOC)

  • Provide and maintain a radio network for contributing members that require this service

  • Access to an 24/7 emergency number for any emergency

  • Create and maintain street groups on WhatsApp and Telegram to inform the community of security and environmental issues in the LS4 area

  • Train and manage JOC operators to perform duties on a 24/7 rotation basis

  • Provide equipment to volunteer patrollers to enable them to effectively patrol the LS4 area safely (identification equipment, white roof light, bullet proof vests, torches, etc.)

  • Provide self-defence training to community members, Welriet members attend for free.

  • Established a Domestic Workers Forum to train domestic workers and gardeners in self-defence and train them to be vigilant to assist the security forces with information

  • Initiate clean-up actions in the community with the aid of volunteer community members

  • Provide trauma counselling after an incident where counselling is needed

  • Ongoing contact with police and municipal councillors to improve SAPS and municipal services

  • Act as a pressure group on community matters such as municipal service delivering and the Garstkloof Landfill site and Wolwespruit

  • Manage a community marketing booth to provide information regarding Welriet  and for the recruitment of members and volunteers

  • Identify contributing Welriet members with a Welriet sign at their property 

  • We are working on some exciting new benefits watch this space.

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